Yoga can be many things to many people, and that is part of its beauty.
Whether you come to yoga for relaxation and stress relief, for the physical aspect be it strength, flexibility, pain management or rehabilitation, for improved well-being or to connect to something deeper within yourself and the universe
– we can all practise together and take what we need for body, mind and soul.

Anne Morrish is a fully qualified yoga teacher providing group classes and private tuition in Norwich and Norfolk.
Classes vary in style and pace ranging from gentle restorative Yin Yoga to flowing dynamic Vinyasa Yoga, with influences from Hatha, Ashtanga and incorporating elements of pranayama, guided meditation and Yoga Nidra.
Anne has a specialism in teaching Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal Yoga (mum & baby) with baby yoga/baby massage also.
Full details of what to expect in each class here.

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